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This page features four seasonal groups of paintings (some are NEW) plus beloved favorites completed in years past.

With scenes celebrating everything wonderful that SUMMER has to offer, this collection honors family, friends and good times together!

The themes include:





HAYDEN LAKE, IDAHO ~ Each family has its own memories of beloved summer traditions. Mine is spending time at our old family cabin at Hayden Lake. OLD indeed, it was built in 1959 before my 10th birthday! Although my brother Bob now owns it, my sweet mom Sally still has full run of the place with her flowers in gardens and pots dotting the property and leaving her green thumbptin. This summer, she turned 90 (going on 30 we like to say, as she's SO young at heart). The photo above pictures her surrounded by of her kids, our sweethearts and most of her grandkids.

Note ~ At the bottom of this 2017 "Celebrate Summer' Collection page, you'll find six paintings of beach cabins friends of ours have asked me to paint for them. Each is filled with personal details and lifelong memories created by the families that call these summer places HOME for three months of the year!



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OVER TWO DOZEN RECENT WORKS ~ Click here on the NEW 2017-2016 Art Collection pdf to see "thumbnails" of all the NEW paintings created this year and last. Some are featured below and others are scattered throughout my collection pages.


NOTE ~ To see lots of other summer-themed artwork, please visit my Puget Sound, Spokane and More Paintings.

COTTAGES, BUNGALOWS & BICYCLES ~ 6 Settings from (alphabetically) Kirkland, Port Townsend, Redmond, Snowhomish and Spokane (1 NEW!)

"The Mattson Place at Perrigo Plat" (REDMOND, WA • PAINTED MAY 2013 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

This craftsman-style cottage was home to James Mattson (1866-1948), an early Redmond resident known for petitioning King County to build a road connecting Union Hill and Redmond-Fall City Roads.

Named for him until 1913, it was re-named the “Red Brick Road” when it was resurfaced.

The architecture of this pretty structure went remarkably unchanged throughout many decades of use. It was built in Perrigo Plat, Redmond’s first entirely residential neighborhood. William Perrigo platted it within his homestead which originally included all of Redmond’s Education Hill. The Perrigo family was deeply involved in local farming, logging, mining and retail ~ and kept their important presence in the community all through the years.

Highlight ~ Known as ”The Bicycle Capital of the Northwest,” this artwork honored the community’s summertime Derby Days festival with flags, a kite flying in the breeze and a vintage Schwinn one-speed.


I created this fun summer picnicking scene with flags unfurled and all the traditional fixin’s ~ from watermelon to beef burgers to chocolate layer cake. My husband Doug and I are pictured celebrating with our pals Joe and Linda Ebner and John and Maria Herbert at this beautiful historic Port Townsend home.

It was constructed in the early 1900s at 706 Taft Street by successful dentist Dr. Gleason. The unique residence was adorned with a decorative turret and decorative arched front picture windows. The home’s interior featured very creative use of wood and moldings throughout, including built-in china cabinets and other charming details.

The owner patterned the three-story after a similar home in Boston, MA where he had lived for several years before moving west to the seaside community of Port Townsend.

Highlight ~ In the mid-1970s, my sister Marilee and I visited this community for the Annual Tour of Historic Homes which inspired much of my Port Townsend Collection.

Highlight ~ when the movie was released, my mother Sally toured this home as a newlywed, sharing that it was completely furnished with merchandise from Spokane’s beloved Crescent Department Store.

"Fresh Flowers at the Wershing House" (SNOHOMISH, WA • PAINTED APRIL 2009 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 8X10-INCH

This simple, yet very pleasing Dutch Colonial home was built on 426 Union Street in the early 1900s at the turn of the last century.

Although slightly off the beaten path of the area known as the historic district in picturesque Snohomish, the clapboard and shingle-construction Wershing House was one of a very few barn roof-style homes located there. Note, the similarity between the architecture of this place and the McDowell House above in this section.

Its crisp green and white paint scheme and front porch that spanned the entire front of the cottage inspired this portrait. I pictured my sisters Marilee and Peggy hard at work helping me transplant dozens of tulips and daffodils into the surrounding flower beds and pots that lined the front walkway.

Highlight ~ I finished this artwork a few years back in honor of springtime and sisterhood!


This Tudor-Revival with bungalow details was designed in 1899 for real estate/mining broker Charles L. Hoffman by Spokane architect Albert Held.

The two-story cottage was built on First Avenue and faced the historic Amasa Campbell and W.J.C. Wakefield Houses. The garage behind the home was once a carriage house.

Over the decades it had a number of important owners including the Dr. Peter Reid family who enjoyed life there for the longest period of time ~ thus the name of the residence.

As Browne’s Addition was beautiful, level and perfect for bike riding, I added folks headed to nearby Coeur d’Alene Park for a picnic on their red one-speeds.

Highlight ~ when I painted this artwork, the Reid House had been a single-family dwelling for over 100 years. The home held the distinction of never having been divided into apartments, a common fate for larger residences in the neighborhood.

NEW! "Gal Pals Picnicking on Stonington Lane" (THE SOUTH HILL, SPOKANE, WA • PAINTED FEBRUARY 2017 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS ~ 5X7-INCH)

I completed this little painting as a special milestone birthday gift for my longtime friend Marie Marx Strohm. It was a tribute to our 50 years of friendship dating back to the late ‘60s at Holy Names Academy.

I pictured (L to R) Marie, her accomplished artist sister Jeannine Marx Fruci and me on the front lawn of Marie's new cottage on Stonington Lane. The three of us were about to head out for a bike ride and picnic on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Our mode of transport? Three jewel-toned Schwinn one-speeds.

Marie's front basket held a bottle of red, a French bagette and red and white gingham napkins with matching tablelcoths tied to the back. A watermelon took up most of Jeannie's basket with a huge blanket attached behind. A bunch of daisies and a bottle of white filled my front basket with the loaded picnic basket on the back. Good times!

Highlight ~ it was not an accident that our striped tees matched our Schwinns ~ I pictured each of us in our favorite colors!

"Historic Heritage Hall" (KIRKLAND, WA • PAINTED MAY 2015 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

Heritage Hall was originally built in the handsome Greek-Revival style to serve as the Christian Science Church in 1922 ~ the oldest church building in Kirkland.

The structure was donated by West Water Real Estate to the city who worked with the Kirkland Heritage Society to move it from its original location on 220 First Street to Heritage Park on Market Street and Lake Avenue in 1999.

In 2000, it was designated as a historic Kirkland landmark.

Surrounded by beautiful grounds and gardens, its new location afforded a sweeping view of Lake Washington. When I painted this fun patriotic-themed portrait, it was home to the Kirkland Heritage Society (KirklandHeritage.org) who also offered the beautiful space to the public for weddings and other special events.



BLOSSOMS & BLOOMS ~ 6 Settings from (alphabetically) Port Townsend, Roche Harobor, Spokane and Woodinville, WA

"Davenport Fountain at Duncan Garden (Manito Park)" (THE SOUTH HILL, SPOKANE, WA • JULY 2015 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • X10-INCH)

I recently updated this painting to reflect some of the additional features in Duncan Garden at Manito Park (TheFriendsOfManito.org). The Davenport Fountain was donated in 1956 by the Davenport family in the memory of Louis M. Davenport ~ longtime owner of the downtown Spokane landmark hotel by the same name.

The fountain has long been the focal point of the formal European Renaissance-style “Sunken Garden” ~ renamed John W. Duncan Garden to honor the beloved Manito Park superintendent who took over the management of the park mid-stream and accomplished a great deal during his long tenure there.

Every summer, the garden has been planted with annuals, creating brilliant rainbows of color and making it an ideal setting for hundreds of weddings since its creation. Over the years, “wishing” natives and visitors have tossed coins into the fountain.

Highlight ~ The first park superintendent discovered the rich soil when the property was forested and he found his son playing there. To raise funds for Manito, he began selling the loamy soil to other parks and neighbors in the area, creating the “sunken” effect.


My father’s mother Jessie Simpson loved to garden almost more than anything. Although she passed away when I was a young girl, I remember clearly how beautiful the grounds were that surrounded my grandparent’s home.

Built on a double lot a couple blocks east of Rockwood Boulevard on Spokane’s lower South Hill, half of the property housed this beautiful Arts & Crafts-style bungalow and the other half, my grandmother’s huge garden.

Filled with basaltic rock terraces, pebble foot-paths, little tucked-away benches, bird baths, a grape arbor and hundreds of colorful blooms ~ Jessie’s garden was a magical place for children.

I pictured my sister Marilee (who inherited Jessie’s “green thumb”), my mother Sally and I in the lower right hand corner of this artwork, cradling our plants while my grandmother shared a little gardening wisdom and gave our plants a drink.

"The Stimson House at Ste. Michelle" (WOODINVILLE, WA • PAINTED DECEMBER 2001 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

This pretty, shingle-construction two-story was built in the early 1900s as a summer getaway for the D.C. Stimson family. The Stimson's spent most of their time at a sprawling Spanish-influenced mansion in the exclusive Highlands neighborhood near Seattle Golf Club, so this was a much simpler abode where everyone in the family could let their hair down, relax and enjoy country life.

Lumber merchant Stimson also generously contributed to the construction of the nearby historic brick landmark, still standing as the Hollywood Schoolhouse. The old schoolhouse became an event center and also housed a couple of tasting rooms as Woodinville later became a wine-lovers destinations.

The property on which the home sat was later sold to develop the world famous Ste. Michelle Winery (Ste-Michelle.com) ~ and this friendly two-story residence became part of that business.

Surrounded by colorful gardens and lily pad-laden ponds, its front lawn has been an ideal setting for picnickers on sunny days ever since.

Highlight~ The brand Stimson Cellars (StimsonLane.com) was introduced a few years ago and the labels on the bottles features a pen & ink sketch of this lovely home.


Mornings at Roche Harbor (RocheHarbor.com) have always been the perfect time for a quiet walk on the docks, the board-walk, brick pathways ~ and especially through the lush flower gardens that flourished at this beloved seaside destination. I painted the retired John McMillin kiln factory building into the background and filled it with waving flags from the U.S.A. and Canada as Roche Harbor was very near the border and a port of entry.

When the Neil Tarte family purchased the property from John McMilliin's son Paul after the death of his entrepenurial father, they began developing it into a destination resort and marina, keeping the pristine turn-of-the-century feel. They converted the McMillin residences, worker cabins, lime kiln factory building and other outbuildings into restaurants, shops and lodging ~ keeping the little chapel on the hill for weddings. Many years after the Tarte's original development, it was purchased by investors who added other retail buildings and period cottages that blended with the Tarte's original personality of the resort.

When I painted this portrat of the Lime Kiln Building, it housed a cozy green grocer on the east side of the first floor and a breakfast café on the west (quite the view!) while the second floor was filled with boutiques to entice any vacationer looking for a memento of their trip.

Highlight ~ My nephew Michael Barton married his sweetheart Mikaila Gawryn in this lovely garden in August, 2013.

"Manresa Castle in May" (PORT TOWNSEND, WA • PAINTED MARCH 2010 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8x10-INCH)

Originally known as the Eisenbeis Castle, the elegant imposing structure was named for Charles Eisenbeis, Port Townsend’s first mayor and a leading local businessman.

The regal four-story castle was built in 1892 on 7th and Sheridan Street and was inspired by castles on the Rhine River where Eisenbeis had lived before emmigrating to the United States. The castle originally had 30 rooms that enjoyed spectacular views of stunning Puget Sound. Beautifully enhanced by gorgeous hand-carved oak woodwork and vintage glittering chandeliers, the castle was surrounded by lush grounds and flower gardens.

When I painted this piece, the Manresa Castle (ManresaCastle.com) was serving guests as a very popular inn and fine restaurant. My mother and father celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with dinner here in late 1980s.

Highlight ~ Local legend has it that Manresa Castle may be haunted.


The stately Neoclassical Hutton House was built on 17th Avenue in the Perry District by Spokane’s acclaimed architect George W. Keith for Levi and May Arkwright Hutton.

After discovering an extremely rich vein of silver with their business partners the Paulsens, the Huttons achieved huge financial success with the Hercules Mine. But the Huttons didn’t just amass wealth ~ they were huge civic-minded benefactors to their community, building a large downtown office building and the beautiful Hutton Settlement in Spokane Valley which served as one of the most respected orphanages for decades.

May Arkwright also passionately supported women’s suffrage and was influential in securing the right to vote for women in Washington State.

Highlight ~ Over the years the current owners have worked to return the grounds to a "heritage garden" status (plantings original to when the home was constructed at the turn of the last century). When I painted the portrait of the immaculately maintained home, it was festively festooned with flags and patriotic bunting for Independence Day.



RESORTERS, CRUISERS AND SAILBOATS ~ 4 Settings from (alphbetically) Hayden Lake, ID and La Conner, Puget Sound, Seattle and Spokane, WA

"Chum & Bob on the Century" (HAYDEN LAKE, ID • PAINTED DECEMBER 1987 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

This handsome wood mahogany runabout was my father’s pride and joy from the moment he purchased this Resorter in 1958 until his death 30 years later. It was the "jewel" in the crown of what our family (pictured in the photo ~ I am holding brother Bob as an infant) enjoyed as our "Hayden Lake Place."

The wooded property was blessed with a beautiful natural beach that once served as the summer campground for the Coeur d'Alene Indians (see the background of this photo).

The Resorter's interior was crimson ~ a "power" color as this inboard really knew how to move! I showed Bob (now in his late teens) waving from the steering wheel with his golden retriever pal Chum. Not only did he love driving as much as my dad did, Bob and my brothers spent countless hours slalom skiing behind her.

This painting was completed as a college graduation gift for my Bob who has the original artwork hanging in this home.

Highlight ~ My father Joe asked that his ashes be sprinkled at Hayden after his death ~ and our family honored his wish while cruising in his beloved Resorter the following summer.

"Cabin Cruiser Queen of Seafair" (LAKE WASHINGTON, WA • PAINTED AUGUST 1999 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

Seattle’s city-wide Seafair (Seafair.com) festival been going on for over six decades. During the 30+ years when I was living in the Seattle area, I remember the summer months being dotted with Seafair events like parades (one just for children in Ballard and the grand “Torch Light” venue downtown), milk carton races on Lake Union, the arrival of the Seafair Pirates on Alki Beach, the coronation of the festival’s queen from the local high school princesses, the thunder of the Blue Angels jets flying in formation and three days of hydroplane activity on Lake Washington.

For years, especially if the weather was sunny and hot, my husband and I joined friends on the beach, in the “pits,” on boats or at a house party overlooking the lake, reveling in the fun of “Hydro Race Day Sunday.”

In 1999, we were on the lake in our ski boat watching the acrobatics of the Blue Angles when a vintage cabin cruiser pulled up beside us. Immaculate in every detail, I snapped a photo, which resulted in this portrait with the jets in the sky above.

Highlight ~ 1999 marked the 50th year of the Seafair festival ~ the year I painted this piece.

"Taking White Bear Out for a Sail" (PUGET SOUND, WA • PAINTED JULY 1999 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

Strolling around the docks in the summertime has always been one of the enjoyable things to do in picturesque Puget Sound. The boats come in every size, shape and color.

But, even more fun was taking a ride in one. Nothing beats skimming over the water on a beautiful summer day. What could be better?

This merry group was pictured preparing to board “White Bear” for an al fresco picnic on the water hosted by a friend of mine who lived on her for several years while she was moored at the Everett Marina. For years while he was doing business in that community, he made this beautiful watercraft his home.

Highlight ~ This was painted as a special gift for the owner and skipper, Lynn Wildblood on the occasion of a "milestone" birthday.

"Cruising La Conner in Justatug" ~ (LA CONNER, WA • PAINTED AUGUST 2002 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

Bill and Jamie Fowler commissioned this portrait of their summer home “Justatug” several years ago when I met the couple at my artwork booth at the Redmond Saturday Market. These two enjoyed every second of the summer months cruising around Puget Sound and the San Juans in this handsome vessel.

The couple had a magical arrangement with their son ~ building a small cottage on his property to ive in during the late autumn, winter and early spring months. In summer, this trusty watercraft served as their home on Puget Sound.

This painting also featured the quaint resort town of La Conner (LaConnerchamber.com) in its background.

Highlight ~ In the midst of surrounding tulip fields, every spring La Conner welcomed folks from all over the United States and Canada for their Annual Tulip Festival (TulipFestival.org).



SUMMER PLACES ON THE BEACH ~ Settings from (alphabetically) Spokane, Kirkland and Snohomish, WA ~ Plus England's Coast of Cornwall (1 NEW!)

"Dawn at Lovely Newman Lake" (NEWMAN LAKE, WA • PAINTED MARCH 2007 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS ~8X10-INCH)

This piece was a special portrait commissioned by Jean Burton for her mother’s birthday honoring decades of family memories created at this setting. Jean was a favorite colleague during my ten-plus years as a senior graphic designer at Eddie Bauer’s corporate offices in Bellevue.

I learned that she had grown up during summers at a family lake cabin in the Pacific Northwest and this reminiscing spawned the artwork pictured here honoring the breathtaking setting on the shoreline of Newman Lake a few miles north of Spokane Valley just as dawn was breaking.

Note the fawn grazing on the hillside, the squirrels scampering on the beach and seagulls circling the shore, ready for some early morning fishing. In 1945, Effie and Dick McKay built the original cottage which was much more rustic ~ a true “lake cabin.”

Later Nancy and Paul Burton remodeled and updated the home into the handsome hospitable vacation getaway shown here.

Highlight ~ Always a beloved destination for the entire family, it served three generations.

"Summer Day at Sunset Beach" (HAYDEN LAKE, ID • PAINTED JULY 2015 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 9X12-INCH)

I pictured three generations of the Dix family who have owned this property for decades at Hayden Lake on beautiful Sunset Beach. The couple loved the place so much that they commissioned this portrait of their "little slice of heaven" just down a few lots from our family's place. This is how Kathleen Dix described a magical day there:

It often starts in the morning before breakfast when many of us go water skiing. Then the fun of building sand castles begins ~ digging, making decorations in the sand and pushing toy boats around in the water.

Nothing’s better than a cold drink and a good read on a comfy chair under the umbrella. It’s great fishing right off the dock. Even a turtle or two can be caught nearby and released to see which one makes it back into the lake first.

As the sun dips below the skyline seen from our wonderful beach, the fire is built for roasting hot dogs ~ and of course, s’mores. The orange, red and golden hues make us smile as one more day at Sunset Beach comes to a end.

”S'mores & Sparklers on Puget Sound" (WHIDBEY ISLAND, WA • PAINTED NOVEMBER 2011 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 11X14-INCH)

The idyllic, tranquil vacation home this family christened “The Beach House” turned into a BIG playground for all generations of their extended family every Independence Day.

Grandparents, children, siblings, cousins and friends gathered to enjoy the idyllic seaside setting and feast on food and drink, compete in games and shoot off fireworks all evening in honor of the beloved holiday.

Children spent hours combing the beach in search of sand dollars, sea glass and driftwood ~ seaside treasures to bring back future memories of the day.

They’re pictured in the foreground of this piece roasting marshmallows, making s’mores and waving sparklers. Flags fluttered reminding all how proud they were to be Americans.

"Summertime at Sunset Beach" (HAYDEN LAKE, ID • PAINTED JUNE 1986 • ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 8X10-INCH)

Over the years, I have completed three paintings of the cabin where our family spent summers from1956 on.

The first one was part of a “neighborhood” painting wedding gift for my sister Peggy in the early 1970s. The second in 1978, a simple rendition of the cabin as a Christmas gift for my parents. This third piece pictured my parents Joe and Sally with all six of us kids in 1985.

One the steps behind the cabin were my brothers John and Bob with my sisters Marilee and Peggy pictured on the flight below. My folks were on the cabin's deck and my brother Bill and I were shown by the beach fire.

The lake cabin held lots of wonderful memories for all of us. Having spent fun time in college on Hayden Lake’s “Gold Coast” in the late 1930s, my dad had his heart set on having a summer cottage at Sunset Beach. With the sudden death of my mom’s father from an accident on his ranch, her inheritance made the dream a reality.

This painting said it all ~ decades of fun times at this beautiful forested setting on pristine Hayden’s shoreline.


Rockford Bay on Coeur d’Alene Lake was the setting for this lakeside portrait of family and friends at one of many 4th of July celebrations. Note the flag billowing from the deck and colorful pots of red geraniums.

Purchased in the early 2000s, this beloved vacation home hosted years of fun times, creating unforgettable memories for the family who owned it and nearby friends.

There was always something to do on the property ~ from “home improvement” cabin projects to puttering on the beach to sunny days on the dock and lake in the Supra.

Pictured in the foreground was a friendly gang of good friends enjoying music by the beach fire while the golden retriever kept them company from the dock.

Highlight ~ This portrait was commissioned as a milestone wedding anniversary gift by their son, who happens to be a very close friend of my youngest brother.


During our courtship in the late 1990s and the first two years of our marriage, Doug and I rented this cozy cabin from the Richard’s family each August ~ vacationing with our two sons and sometimes other guest, as well. This cottage was about six lots west of our Simpson family place on Sunset Beach.

Renting here was the perfect arrangement as it doubled the beach and dock space for all ~ as well as providing the opportunity for private down time in this breathtaking natural setting. As a thank you gift for letting us borrow their “oasis,” I painted this artwork for the Clark family as a thank you gift, portraying the cabin as it looked in 2000 before the Richards gave the place a “head to toe” complete remodel. The piece pictured Doug, me, pals Ric Metzger, Brad and Steph Heilman on the deck with Clark and Linda lounging on the beach.

Highlight ~ When Doug and I moved back to Spokane, I began seeing a new dentist, Dr. Kimberly Craven. It turned out that she was Clark and Linda’s daughter!



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