"BELIEVE that some boundaries are meant to be crossed. Follow the light of the sun. We left the Old World." ~ Christopher Columbus






2019 marks my milestone 25th ANNIERSARY of creating calendars ~ a quarter of a century! Look for prevview of multiple NEW special editions on this page soon! A NEW 5th edition of my perpetual life 44-image journals is in the planning stages for this year, as well. Learn more about these further down on this page.

WHAT STARTED IT ALL ~ I designed my first calendar in 1994, as you can see by the image here. It has been a short 25-year tradition of sharing settings I've loved enough to paint and feature in these. I began designing them at Christmas, 1994, when several family members said, "We have no more wall space! Instead of giving us prints, why don't you design a calendar with lots of pictures that we can enjoy all year long?

The cover featured the Codd House, a beautiful Dutch Colonial two-story built in 1925 that was my favorite home growing up in Spokane, Washington. I have painted it five times."

The cover image pictured my family (only five of six siblings at the time) putting up color lights on the house ~ a very real tradition the entire family helped with. My dad was on the ladder while my mother Sally and the rest of us kids kept the strings of lights from tangling for him ~ always the big challenge with this task. My father had just passed away six years before, so this artwork brought tears to my mother's eyes.

That first year, Store Manager Scott Woodward printed about a dozen for me at Kinkos (later absorbed Fed Ex) at his Northgate Seattle Store. These days, Rita McIntyre at Berreth-Thomas Printing in the Spokane Valley runs hundreds of them in multiple editions. 2018 had three and 2019's special 25th anniversary will have four.

As you can see by the setting images and information shared about each below, the calendars have come a long way in this short quarter of a century. The years have gone by in the blink of an eye!

5TH EDITION OF THE JOURNALS "IN-THE-WORKS" ~ Further down on this page, you'll learn about these NEW 5th editions I'm crearting for both Spokane and Washington State.


Even though the current 2018 calendars and journals are sold out in my gallery, the information for each will be here on my web site for a few more months.

COMING SOON! PREVIEWS OF 25TH ANNIVERSARY CALENDARS ~ As mentioned above, as the season unfolds and art for the 2019 editions is completed, you'll find previews of a record number of NEW settings like Spokane's Historic Flour Mill, Manito Park's Pergola at the Rose Garden, The Corbin Art Center in the D.C. Corbin Mansion, First Presbyterian Church, a vintage Corbin Park Halloween-themed mansion ~ and more!

In the meantime, enjoy the offerings below, many of which were recently finished for these three current 2018 calendars.


#1: "Legendary & Fun Landmarks" (5 NEW Paintings)

Click on the bold red title above or the calendar image to the right to preview this collection of these well-known historic Spokane settings. Websites are listed with each setting when available.


#2: "Celebrating Our City Parks" (3 NEW Paintings)

Click on the bold red title above or the calendar image to the right to preview this collection of very special Inland NW Settings. Websites are listed with each setting when available.


#3: "South Hill Beauties" (6 NEW Paintings)

Click on the bold red title above or on the calendar image here to see 12 portraits of homes in different architectural styles from all over Spokane (Browne's Addition, the South Hill, the North Side and Spokane Valley).

Note ~ as these are all private residences, there is no website information included with this collection.



COMPLETELY SOLD OUT ~ 4th Edition Perpetual Life Journals

NEW FEATURE ~ In these two 4th edition for the first time, historical photos and background stories accompanied each journal image. This feature was so popular, it will continue with the NEW 5th edition currently in-the-works. With a perpetual shelf life as they are not year-specific, these are perfect for folks who want more than just 12 calendar images. Each features 44 paintings on pages peppered with positive thoughts to inspire. For more information, please visit my Calendar page.

Below is a list of settings included in the 4th Edition. Some of these will remain, but there will be many NEW works featured in each edition.




Sorry, with a very few exceptions, most of the back-stock of calendars created since 2012 is unavailable. Some earlier editions are in back-stock, but only in very limited quantities. If you are interested in any of the older copies, please phone me at 206.406.1409 and I will be happy to check for you. The price is the same for old or new issues.


A SAMPLING OF PAST ISSUES PICTURED HERE + THE TITLE LIST (Pictured Calendars listed first with dates from most recent editions first) Please note that the Red Titles indicate Spokane's Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC) signature editions.





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