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The HOLIDAY SEASON in the Pacific Northwest is a glittering, gorgeous time of year. Lucky us! We enjoy all four seasons here ~ which means more often than not, our Christmas is WHITE. We love it!

Our brick bungalow is a block or two from both Manito and Cannon Hill Parks. I've painted several scenes of both of these parks in ALL four seasons. This chilly time of year finds them either dusted or laden with fresh snow and their ponds frozen for neighborhood ice skaters to enjoy. When I was a youngster, the local fire department neaby handled the grooming of the ice, but now its done by groups of neighbors.

The "crowning glory" of Manito Park is its annual display of Holiday Lights. The Friends of Manito ( stewardship group spend weeks decorating every square inch of the glass Gaiser Conservatory.

They string over 30,000lights in every size, color and shape around the limbs of each tree and plant. Then they top this off by tucking dozens of scarlet poinsettias into each vingette. It's STUNNING ~ and best of all, a gift to our community because tours are COMPLIMENTARY to all the visitors throughout December.

Manito Park is a short two block walk from our bungalow ~ and although I am still hobbling around from an accident in September (more on that below), when my sis Marilee and her sweetheart Ron (pictured here with husband Doug and me) come to visit, we will treat them to a tour of the Holiday Lights again this year. It's a Christmas tradition!


I am appearing at 3 "MEET & GREETS" with my fine art and products featuring it (much of it HOLIDAY) at these Spokane, Washington venues ~

Visit my Art Venues page. It shares ALL the details on each venue!



With Thanksgiving absorbed for all intents and purposes by the Holiday Season, it seems that Christmas comes earlier every year. November 1st, when packing away my Halloween goblins and Jack O'Lanterns, I heard a TV commercial advertising trees and decorations. Oh my... I have mixed emotions about this, but as the HOLIDAY SEASON makes most of us feel so wonderful, it's hard to think of a longer season as being a completely bad thing.


This year, I am spending much more time creating than I normally do. As mentioned above, I took a terrible spill at my niece's wedding, badly breaking several bones in my ankle in September. It stopped me in my type "A" tracks, although my magic scooter (pictured here) IS my best friend!

This accident was a hard lesson on being aware of my surroundings. I missed my 50th Class Reunion and "Art in Bloom" (more on that in "Giving Back to The Community" below). I spent months organizing and creating graphic materials for both of these. Plus, there was our much anticipated cancelled trip to Maui in October.

So, instead of these events and late season golfing with Doug and tailgating at University of Washington games with our buddies, I am at a small table in his office working on several commissions due just before Christmas. Good thing I LOVE what I do. And, I'm indeed lucky as the view from our breakfast nook (best natural light in our house) is spectacular. I'm still able to enjoy the pristine beauty of this season. Thank you, Mother Nature!


Further down on this page is one of three NEW Christmas pieces I've painted during my "baby steps" ankle recovery. The "Kris Kringle Comes to the Cliff House" is pretty special as it celebrates the Spokane tradition in the early 2000s when a kind holiday-loving fellow flew his aircraft decorated to look like Santa's sleigh above Spokane Valley. Some of my nieces and nephews were youngsters at the time ~ amazed as Saint Nicolas criss-crossed the sky after my sis Peggy's Christmas Eve feast.

This holiday work (my third of the historic property which became home to Arbor Crest Cellars) captures the spirit of Christmas beautifully and was chosen to be featured on posters promoting the winery's Holiday Artisan Fest the second weekend of Decmeber.

Find details on the Arbor Crest Holiday Art Fest (with over a dozen talented artists) and other seasonal venues where I'll be this year (scooter or not!) on my Art Venues page.



This collection on my What's New page features four HOLIDAY & WINTER themes with 24 (six each) seasonal paintings. Many are NEW!



PITTYPAT GALLERY (OPEN Early December) ~ My gallery is closed for the next few weeks while I recover from my broken ankle. It will open again for the Holiday Season in late November by invitation and appointment. Guests and patrons will find a generous selection of:

Please phone me at 206.406.1409 for more information about available items and to learn about commissioning original paintings and sketches.

V.I.P. MAILING LIST ~ To be on my V.I.P. list (Very Important Patron), please contact me at 206.406.1409 (talk or text).

Twice a year, I send postcards in digital email format or hard copy via the U.S. Mail. These feature NEW art images and share my schedule of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter /Holiday events. Frequently, the postcards offer special savings at upcoming art fests and private PittyPat Gallery events.

NOTE ~ Your privacy is very important to me. I absolutely NEVER share your personal information.


COMPLETE LIST OF WHERE TO FIND MY WORK ~ My Art Venues page shares details about future events plus a complete list of shops and galleries that carry my work in the Inland Northwest. Here's a few:


HELPING OUT AND MORE ~ SPA, Friends of the Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens and Friends of Coeur d'Alene Park!

ANNUAL PROCEEDS ~ I donate a generous portion of the money I make each year to the Holy Names Sisters' Retirement Fund, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, the Greater Gonzaga Guild, and many other worthy local non-profits.

ART DONATIONS ~ I also give fine art as auction items to the Provident Medical Center (Sacred Heart Hospital) Auction, First Tee, the Spokane Symphony's Mozart on the Green at Manito Park, Christmas Tree Elegance at the historic Davenport Hotel ~ and several other benefits. For a complete list of the causes I support, visit my Biography page. The list near the bottom of the page.




As I mentioned above, this is one of three Holiday-themed paintings I created this fall while recovering from my broken ankle. I LOVE the holiday spirit I creates here.

As also mentioned above, it celebrates the unique tradition of an avid local aviator who decorated his aircraft to look like Santa's sleigh. Hw flew across the Spokane Valley sky on Christmas Eve ~ delighting children at heart of all ages.

This is the third year that Arbor Crest Cellars has hosted a festive art event for a number of well know local artists. I am thrilled to be on the list of over a dozen participants. I'm even more thrilled that the image pictured here will be used for the promotional pieces to advertise the event to our community.

Tasting room manager Ashley Blumbaugh shared when she saw it, "Oh my gosh. I couldn't have imagined anything more festive than this painting. You captured the spirit of the season perfectly." Kind comments from a woman I've enjoyed working with at "Cellars" art events for several years.

FAMOUS INVENTOR ROYAL NEWTON RIBLET ~ Royal Riblet designed and built this Florentine-inspired three-story mansion in 1924. He was a remarkable inventor and you will find his name on many ski lifts at resorts around the world. He came up with the idea after seeing ore buckets coming down a hillside on a conveyor belt from the mine above. Good-bye rope tows!

He also invented the automatic garage door opener, a garden feature on his property that funneled water at the bottom of the falls back to the pool above ~ and other marvels.

MY FAMILY'S CONNECTION ~ Decades ago when my father was sharing office space with his good friend Jim Winton, Jim's wife was in the last stages of a long battle with Alzheimer's. Jim asked dad to step in and help with with a lawsuit filed by Royal Riblet against a cement plant on the banks of the Spokane River below. The plant was spewing harmful caustic dust that drifted upwards, destroying the stucco facade on Riblet's Cliff House. He wanted something done about it. My father won the case for his good friend Jim ~ the first EPA court victory ever of its kind. The cement plant was ultimately demolished.






I admit it! I am "The Christmas Queen" as my husband laughingly calls me. I love EVERYTHING about the holidays ~ especially decorating! Every room of our cottage gets a nod to tradition. I've always been like this, thanks to my mother Sally, who at a very young 91 has been doing the same thing at her home for the last 70+ years. Her place is always "a-glow" at Christmas!

This December is a bit of a challenge as I'm still on my scooter a lot, but my sweet pal, Carol Muholland has offered to help me decorate as Doug can only do so much of this. He'd rather spend time concocting his "killer" eggnog in the kitchen ~ a coveted gift to many of his buddies. I'm blessed as Carol has a wonderful keen eye and sixth sense about what I want accomplished from the dozen or so boxes of Christmas decorations, plus she has a sense of humor about my "perfectionism." Carol and her husband Bill have been to enough of our open houses to know the effect I want.

DINING ROOM ~ The conversion from Autumn to HOLIDAY starts with my April Cornell ( "Birds & Boughs" linens (pictured here). Cardinals, holly and Ponderosa pine boughs dance all over these. I finish the table with red balls, Granny Smith apples, white poinsettia branches, more cardinals and candles. Ponderosa Pines grow proifically in Western Washington, so I love this nod to our neck of the woods.

Highlight ~ See the article celebrating accomplished textile designer April Cornell in the March/April 2017 issue of Victoria magazine, "April Cornell ~ Conversing in Color." Copies are available at most libraries in the periodicals.

SKATERS & CARDINALS IN THE LIVING ROOM ~ The tall tree in the front window is laden with red birds, assorted ice skates ornaments I've collected (in honor of the two skating ponds nearby), scarlet Christmas balls and squiggly ribbons twisted like barber shop poles. Red, white and green lights echo the ones that Doug puts on our cottage. By the way, he's rewarded for his decorating endeavors with his own office tree filled with golfing ornaments ~ his lifelong gift and passion.

TRUCKS & TRAILERS IN THE GUEST SUITE ~ This lower level guest suite has handmade stockings hanging from the mantle and little vintage trucks and trailers loaded with Christmas trees "driving" across the top of it. The suite is festive, but a roomy comfortable spot for our out of town holiday visitors..

CELEBRATING THE SEASON ~ Doug and I both love to entertain and for many years we've hosted a huge open house, but this year with our health issues, so an intimate dinner with friends is on our schedule. Plus this year, we've accepted my brother Bob and his wife Jan's invitation to join them for the Seafood & Christmas Fest at Hayden Lake Country Club. This includes spending the night at the gorgeous clubhouse designed by revered nationally famous architect Kirtland K. Cutter.

Highlight ~ See Kirtland K. Cutter landmarks, homes and other outstanding structures on the What's New, Spokane and Calendar pages of this HOLIDAY web site.

To see more of our HOLIDAY decor, click on the dining room mage here or on At Home with Tradition Christmas Colors.pdf.





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As shared above, this collection features four seasonal hemes highlighting 16 paintings. 4 are NEW!

2018 & 2017 ART OVERVIEW ~ You'll also find a pdf with ALL 26 NEW works completed this year and last ~ with more to come!



Three NEW 25TH ANNIVERSARY 2019 Calendars and a NEW 5th Edition of Perpetual-Life Journals to be Released Soon!


CALENDAR PREVIEWS ~ Here (and on my Calendar page in greater detail) you'll find previews of NEW calendars celebrating 25 years of creating these friendly, colorful "homages" to the Pacific Northwest. Click on the red bold titles here to see all the images featured in each calendar.


4th Edition Perpetual Life Fine Art Journals are completely SOLD OUT in both the Spokane and Washington State editions, but NEW 5th editions are currently being created.

NEW FEATURE ~ For the first time, introduced in the two 4th editions, the journals included historical photos and background stories with each painting image. These features were so popular, they will continue with the NEW 5th editions. With a perpetual shelf life as they are not year-specific, these are perfect for folks who want more than just 12 calendar images. Each has 44 paintings on pages peppered with positive thoughts to inspire. For more information, please visit my Calendar page.


ARTWORK COLLECTIONS ~ During my many years as a fine artist, I've created hundreds of paintings and drawings that are divided into three collections. These three pages feature images that revolve and complement the seasons and holidays.

ENTIRE COLLECTION PDFS ~ At the end of each group of artwork on the collection pages, you'll find pdfs with images and accompanying stories for ALL the pieces that were created for that group.

THE BIG LIST ~ Click on "The BIG List" graphic footer at the bottom of each Puget Sound, Spokane or More Paintings page to link to an alphabetical list of titles and descriptions of all the art created for each of the three collections. In some cases, you'll find a few sketches as well. These three lists link you via Red bold type to artwork featured throughout my web site.


COMMISSION ~ My favorite genre, I’ve recreated private residences and other architectural settings for clients from all over the United States and beyond ~ making life-long friends in the process. In recent years I’ve also offered portraits of children and pets. Filled with personal detail, commissioned pieces are cherished mementos.

DOZENS OF SAMPLE IMAGES ~ This page shares over two dozen works completed for clients as well as a step-by-step guide for commissioning artwork. Frequently, I include commissioned paintings in my art calendars.


ART VENUES ~ This page lists upcoming art fairs, festivals, First Friday exhibits and more as they unfold throughout the year. Changes and/or updates in venues are also noted on this page. It includes dates, times, addresses, phone numbers, web sites (where available) and more. You'll also find a complete list of retail gift shops, galleries and museums with addresses, phone numbers, web sites and descriptions of what is available for purchase at each setting.


ORDERING ~ If you want to order from me directly, visit this page for details on buying originals, framed canvas and fine paper reproductions, print/card gift packs, art journals, calendars, cards and magnets. If you would like an order form, please contact me and I'll send you the pdf. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Questions? Please phone me at 206.406.1409.


BIOGRAPHY ~ This is my “life story” page. It shares my background and highlights events that helped me grow as an award-winning "Americana" artist. Pivotal events range from my first grade report card (I’m still in touch with my inspiring teacher Sr. Rita Mae Fischer) to the present. You will also find several pdfs of press clippings and magazine articles. I've also included a frequently updated list of charitable causes I've supported in 2017 and 2018 with donations of artwork and more.


BRIDAL ~ Visit this page if you are interested in having a custom wedding portrait created as a memento of your special day. Much of the artwork featured here was commissioned by clients as fine art wedding mementos and/or for images on the covers of their invitations. However, I’m a also professional digital design art director with decades of experience, so I’ve shared some creative text-only samples as well. I also offer collateral items like R.S.V.Ps, shower invites, ceremony programs and more. If you are interested in this special personal service, phone me at 206.406.1409 for details.





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