SUMMER ~ It is such a blessing that life is finally moving towards normalcy after these challenging last couple of years. Who knew how grateful we'd all be to achieve even the simplest things that we all took for granted before 2020!

But Summer is here at last ~ and who doesn't LOVE the sunshine and the chance to gather with family and friends?

IN-PERSON ART EVENTS ~ Another "positive" is that in-person art fests are once again on my schedule after many months of disappointing cancellations.

Here, and in the 2022 Upcoming In-Person Art Events section further down on this page, you'll find info about the first two I've been invited to appear in this Spring and Summer. In the last six month, I've completed several paintings, designed three NEW 2023 calendars plus two NEW jigsaw puzzles (with reprints of four others), so I'm thrilled to be able to share my work at last.



RECORD-BREAKING SPRING ~ This year, we endured the Inland Northwest's rainiest, coolest Spring in history! Many of us planted our gardens twice, and others just waited until after the 4th of July to tackle their yards. The Friends of Manito (TheFriendsOfManito.org) scheduled their 2nd Annual Art Festival for Saturday, June 11th, and although it rained like crazy for days both before and after ~ AND pesky showers showed their faces as we set up early and dismantled at sunset, during the 10 hours of operation, it was SUNNY and GORGEOUS! Thank you Mother Nature!

THANK YOU! ~ Thanks SO much to ALL of you who joined us artists and crafters ~ we were SO grateful for the beautiful crowd we had at the park. Dozens of friends and patrons, old and new, came by my art booth all day (two friends spent hours helping me ~ thanks Maggie Brannan and Mary Anne Sleeth for everything!). The Manito Park Art Festival was one of my most successful events to date and a great way to start the Summer season!



As 2022 unfolds, visit this page to learn about more Summer in-person dates ~ plus Autumn and Holiday ones as they are added here. I update this page frequently any changes to my schedule as they occur.

As I mentioned above, I spent a busy Winter and Spring creating ~ both to grow my collection and to finish several pieces for clients. The SUN & FUN collection on my What's New page is ALL about SUMMER and featuresNEW paintings like "Happy Hideaway on Cat Whiskler Lane" (Kenmore, WA) and "Gathering at the Fox Park Gazebo" (Moran Prairie, Spokane, WA) sprinkled throughout this Summer website.

ART FESTIVALS & LOCAL VENUES ~ Below the "V.I.P. List & PittyPat Studio" section, find lists of both in-person events and Inland Northwest venues. Merchandise featuring my art reflects the season and what's on this website. Click on the red bold titles (What's New, Spokane, Puget Sound, and More Paintings) to see everything.

NOTE ~ As my collection numbers 400+ pieces (250 of those are local Inland Northwest settings), NOT all art festivals and venues carry the same items. Nearly everything, however, is available (except some of the originals). Please contact me for more information at 206.406.1409.

SPECIAL EVENT & NEW ART ITEMS MAILINGS ~ Usually, I send postcards via text, email or printed hard copy (U.S.P.S.) sharing my schedule of events. If you are on my V.I.P. (Very Important Patron) List, this happens a couple times a year ~ once to feature SPRING SUMMER and later , AUTUMN WINTER HOLIDAYS. I also use postcards to introduce NEW items and where you can find them in the Inland Northwest. Please phone me with questions about availability at 206.406.1409. See my Ordering page for all the details on what I offer.

VIP LIST ~ To be added to my VIP List, please phone or text me at 206.406.1409 with your contact information. Your privacy is very important to me. NOTE ~ I absolutely NEVER share your personal information.

MY GALLERY CLOSED ~ Due to our move in 2020 and family health issues, I closed PittyPat Gallery. Thanks to all the loyal patrons who came to see my work over the decades. Please know I am still VERY busy creating my fine art. Learn more about that in the "PittyPat Studio • Americana Fine Art section on my Biography page).






RIVERFRONT PARK CAROUSEL SHOP ~ The Looff Carousel is one of the main attractions in Spokane's Downtown District. In Spring 2021 as the percentage of folks receiving vaccinatesy grew, a decision was made to re-open this beloved setting so locals and visiting folks could enjoy it ~ especially families. The carousel's brass ring is there for the taking!


NORTHWEST MUSEUM OF ARTS & CULTURE (THE MAC) ~ The MAC is a regional museum located in Spokane's oldest neighborhood west of the Downtown District. Browne's Addition is still filled with many mansions of Spokane's early wealthy. The Amasa Campbell House and others are the outstanding work of Spokane architects Kirtland K. Cutter, L.L. Rand and others.

In the late 1990s, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (The MAC) added two more contemporary structures. The campus includes the main structure for exhibits and The Museum Store. A second bulding is a library with archived historical photography (reproductive services at a nominal fee). The third is the stunningly restored Amasa Campbell mansion ~ basement to attic. The MAC is a "must see" destination in the Pacific Northwest.

My fine art has enjoyed a home in the MAC's Museum Store since it opened over two decades ago in 1997. I am honored to have a collection of cards there.


THE SOUTH MONROE ACE ~ This ACE Hardware has the largest collection of my fine art cards and magnets available in the Inland Northwest. This collection includes 250+ local settings featured throughout the year ~ enough that they revolve with the seasons. Over 75 of these are scenes from the surrounding South Hill neighborhood.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED ~ This store has an enormous selection of every conceivable item for neighborhood DIYers and their projects. For over a decade, Doug and I lived about 5 blocks from this ACE. Now miles away on Moran Prairie, we still drive to this Lower South Hill neighborhood store as it always has EVERYTHING we need!

FRONT ENTRANCE ~ Find my cards, magnets,NEW jigsaw puzzles and NEW 2023 Calendars just inside the front entrance at ACE.


NOTE ~ 57TH & REGAL UPS STORE ~ The store on Moran Prairie where I had my work featured for several years recently changed ownership and has elected to no longer feature the work of local artists like me and others in Spokane and the Inland Northwest. The store will focus more on the day-to-day helpful services that UPS has long been known for like packsing, shipping, faxes, and more. Plus it offers mailboxes for those who want the security of a street address without having their mail delivered to their homes. The staff does a great job meeting his customers' small ß∑business challenges ~ going the extra mile to get the job done right.





NEW locations are in-the-works for Western Washington.







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